April 21, 2013

HandMade Brads - tutorial

It's no secret that I love to make my own embellishments.
It's not always spectacular as I'd like, but I still enjoyed the process.

I attempted make embellishments from wine cork . I must to say that some results I like less :-)
You are welcome to express an opinion.

My favorite

Step 1 : Supply. If You  haven't such a great knife,it's OK too :-)

Step 2: Fabric

Step 3 : Stitching

And this is the result 

I try some defferent tecnique: acrilic paint, 3D paint, paper, ink and handmade stamp, glaze.
 What do you love a most?

And here one of the cards

Thank you for a stopping by, I really appriciate your comment:-)


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    1. רינת, התגובה נמחקה בטעות.... תודה על הפרגון :-) ולגבי סלט, יש לי סכין קטנה יותר :-)